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COVID-19 UPDATE – 4th November 2020

Scouting in England has been increased to Red level due to the Covid-19 Pandemic as of 5th November 2020. You can find out what this means by going to the Scouts website

This means that all face to face sessions are suspended until further notice. Only remote sessions will be possible during this time



We welcome you to 7th Burgess Hill Scout Group, one of fourteen successful groups in Mid Sussex District.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of what Scouting is about. It aims to appeal to a young person’s desires for fun and adventure provided through attractive and active programmes. It provides opportunities for developing in young people the qualities that make good citizens: honour, self-discipline, dependability, respect for others and self-reliance.

Young people learn by doing, and Scouting offers activities to capture their imagination and enable each individual to find something in which to participate, develop skills and gain confidence.

As far as possible these activities take place outdoors as in camping, hiking, cooking and many others, alongside a training programme which is structured from Beavers, Cubs and Scout.

Scouting at 7th Burgess Hill is for boys and girls. It teaches what is not learnt at home or at school. However, they rely on adult volunteers to make it all possible, either as leaders to run their meetings, camps and so on, or as supporters to provide the material requirements and assist the leaders with the running of activities.

If you wish to sign up a young person to 7th Burgess Hill Scouts, please use the Join Us link at the top of the page, if you’d like to assist as a parent helper, or even become a leader, please let us us know in the comments section.

Best regards
The 7th Burgess Hill Leadership Team





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